Top 7 African Cuisine Pinterest Boards

If there’s a social media platform that is most suitable for posting food images along with the recipe it’s got to be Pinterest. Whether you are just starting to cook, or you are already an experienced chef, it is a good platform to get your beginner recipes that are easy to follow or a complex one that would bring your cooking knowledge to the next level. What we think Pinterest does, and the reason why it pulls off being the best place to share food ideas and recipes is that it supports beautiful and high-resolution photos and it’s so easy to publish because of the built-in templates. Plus, users would be swarmed by highly relevant pins and boards that actually matter to them.

Today, whether or not you already cook African cuisine, we have compiled the top 7 Pinterest boards that will make you want to start cooking African cuisine.

1. Keto African Recipes

The very first one on our list is the Keto African Recipes Board by Joy Walker of the MyProductiveBackyard. To be honest, we really don’t see a lot of Keto recipes online that feature the African cuisine which makes this a special and a little surprising find. We also think there are two reasons why they aren’t usually Keto African recipes online.  First is that very few people actually cover the subject of African cuisine, and second, the African dishes aren’t exactly the first place you want to start on when thinking of a Keto recipe.  This is because the African cuisine consists of carbohydrate-packed ingredients like rice and grains, beans, and root crops. As of writing, this board currently has 14 pins only, and each one of them has more than one review from other Pinterest users. Interestingly, this board has a total of nearly 12.5k followers.

If you are not particularly familiar with Keto or Ketogenic diet, it is the term for a low-carbohydrate diet. The idea is to obtain your calorie intake mostly from fat and protein, and less from carbohydrates. The Keto diet requires that you cut back on sugary food like pastries, soda, candies, white bread, and the like. The African Keto Recipes Pinterest board features Keto-friendly dishes like the African pepper sauce, African fish pepper soup, Nigerian Ogbono soup, and many more.

2. 196 African Recipe

No, 196 is not the number of pinned recipes on this board.  It got the name 196 African Recipes from the curator, which is called 196 Flavors. Actually, the current number of pinned recipes on this Pinterest board is close to around 60, but it has over 33,000 followers, so this board has been established way longer than the previous board we featured. If you want a near-complete collection of African cuisine recipes, this is the Pinterest board for you.

All the recipes it features are authentic, which means that the dishes are not some kind of own version of 196 Flavors, but they are featured in such a way that you would see them if you actually visit that particular country. Aside from entree recipes, this board also features recipes for appetizers like fried fish balls from Senegal or Akaras from Nigeria. Desserts like the Angolan Cocada Amarela and the Arroz Doce from Sao Tome, or drink recipes like the refreshing ginger beer from Equatorial Guinea.

If you are the kind of cook who wants to keep things in the kitchen simple and authentic, and looks for a one-stop-shop for authentic African cuisine recipes, then the 196 African Recipes board is all you’re looking for.

3. Delicious African Recipes

This board might not be as authentically African as the previous one, but all the African recipes featured here are fit to be placed in a top-shelf cookbook. The Delicious African Recipes Pinterest board is started by Pinterest user Immaculate Bites which has a whopping 7.1 million monthly viewers, and professional quality photography and typography. The board name might sound simple and boring, but once you browse the 223 recipes currently posted on it, you will realize why this board has over 17,000 followers. The specialty of this board is African stews, one-pot dishes like Jollof rice, and barbecue meat like the Peri Peri-style chicken skewers. They also feature some snacks and appetizers like fried plantains and spicy Samosa. Apart from this, the board also features recipes for seasonal African food from every region (one example is the Popular African Christmas Food pin). If you are up to drinking recipes like the Ginger and Lemongrass Iced Tea that is original but highly influenced by African cuisine ingredients, they got you covered too. Last but not least, this board has African recipes for baking bread and pastries too!

4. Middle Eastern/African Recipe Ideas

This Pinterest board is curated by Michelle from Flipped-Out Food which has 3.2 million monthly viewers. Her take on African cuisine is to make it healthy, delicious, very affordable, and highly innovative. You will notice this by how she chooses the ingredients on some of the recipes she featured.  Sometimes, these recipes are just a good alternative if you don’t have access to authentic ingredients used in the country where the dish originated.  It is also highly modern and innovative, the way she constructs the text over the images, and the way she presents the food is not only enticing and mouth-watering but masterful and very keen on details as well. This board has 437 pinned recipes with 2.3k followers, and as the name of the board suggests, it focuses on recipes highly inspired by African cuisine with a middle east Asian twist, so you would notice a lot of spice grilled meat dishes. Our particular favorite is the Grilled Moroccan chicken skewers which are exactly what you might expect, except there is a Pita bread that is inspired by middle eastern cuisine.

5. South African Recipes

As the name suggests, this board is not as broad as the other recipe boards we have previously looked at.  It only focuses on the delicious and sumptuous cuisine of South Africa. This time, our curator did not exactly come from the cooking industry, but cooking is a brilliant hobby of Cheryl Herweg of Cape Town, South Africa who has over one thousand followers on Pinterest. This particular board is the least popular among those we have looked at, with 320 pins but only 209 followers. Unlike the first few Pinterest boards which featured professionally designed recipes with carefully designed images and photographs, this particular one is only a collection of other pins from the whole of Pinterest that has something to do with South African cuisine. Nonetheless, it still points you to the right direction as to where the African recipes are on Pinterest.  Browsing Pinterest can be a tedious task because of the mind-boggling amount of content in it. And most importantly, there is a high chance that it would inspire you to cook African cuisine.

6. Vegan African Recipes

Unlike the Keto African Recipes board that we looked at earlier (which surprised us because it can be quite a challenge turning African cuisine into keto-friendly dishes), turning African cuisine into Vegan is a lot easier because many African dishes are already vegetarian to begin with. That means it doesn’t take a lot of changes to turn it into Vegan-friendly food. And that is exactly what The Minimalist Vegan on Pinterest did. The curator of this board has nearly 350k monthly viewers and the Vegan African Recipes board has more than 5k followers with just 35 pinned recipes. However, just like the previous African recipe board, we looked at, many of the 35 pinned recipes came from other people and were just curated in one place. Nonetheless, this would not only appeal to experienced cooks and beginner cooks who wish to begin cooking African dishes but would also appeal to healthy-eating enthusiasts and Vegans because it is another facet of the Vegan flavors they can enjoy.

7. Middle Eastern & North African Recipes

This board is started by Pinterest user Cristina which has almost 240k monthly viewers. She has curated on the Middle Eastern & North African Recipes board 134 pinned recipes from the following specific countries in the African and middle east Asian continents:

  • Lebanon
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Palestine
  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Rwanda
  • Ghana
  • Zimbabwe
  • Algeria
  • Syria

The board mostly focuses on snacks, finger food, dessert, and appetizers. This board also leaves us to realize how similar the ingredients and cooking methods of African countries and middle east Asian countries are. Just like the two previous boards that we looked at, it is also just a collection of recipes posted by other Pinterest users, but it’s a nice recipe collection, nonetheless.

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