7 Popular Dishes in Africa

1. EWA AGOYIN Popular Nigerian Dish 

Nigeria is Africa’s giant nation. It is one of the leading producers of petroleum oil internationally. There are over 250 ethnic tribes and because of that, it is also known for its diverse food choices. Nigeria’s cuisine mostly consists of soups, starch and grains. Beans are a staple in Nigerian homes. Also, carbohydrates such as cassava and yam are some of the main ingredients of Nigerian food.

Ewa Agoyin is a popular dish especially in the western part of Nigeria that originated in the streets of Lagos until it was adopted all over Nigeria.  Ewa Agoyin became popular because it was sold across street hawkers in Nigeria.  “Ewa” comes from the Yoruba word meaning beans, and “Agoyin” refers to the Beninese and Togolese people. Ewa Agoyin is a beans-based cuisine which is served with sweet and spicy sauce. 

This breakfast dish can be ready in 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will need 30 minutes to prepare the ingredients, and an hour to cook the dish. The main ingredients are soft or mashed beans. It is served with pepper sauce on top which gives it a sweet and spicy taste. Ewa agoyin is also great to pair with fish or any type of meat. Cooking Ewa Agoyin starts with soaking the beans in cold water for 5 hours before boiling and mashing them. Most people who cook Ewa Agoyin prefer to just salt the beans so that it can retain its natural flavors.

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The Swahili Coast in Africa consists of countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia and other East African countries. Swahili Coast is known for its agriculture and seafood produce. Swali food revolves mainly on grains, vegetables, and fruits. Maize is a staple in every Swahili home.  

Mandazi is fried bread or sometimes called African doughnuts, Swahili Bun, Swahili Coconut Doughnut, mahamri/mamri. This food is said to have originated from Kenya and Tanzania.  They are similar to a doughnut but less sweet and can be eaten without glaze or frosting. You can also use dips of your preference. Although Mandazi is similar to a doughnut, it can be cooked in a variety of ways by adding different ingredients such as lemon zest. It is typically less sweet than an ordinary doughnut. Mandazi is sometimes consumed for breakfast or as dessert, and is perfectly paired with tea. It is easy to store and reheat for later consumption.  Food bloggers find that the best Mandazi are the fluffy, soft and tasty ones.  It is so convenient and can be made in about 50 minutes — 15 minutes to prepare and 35 minutes to cook.

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3. KENKEY Popular Ghana dish

The next dish comes from Ghana. Ghana is located in the West African region and their cuisine normally comprises starch, soups and sauces. Kenkey is mostly called “Ga Kenkey” or “kormi.”  It originated in Otinibi Village where the Ga community is, in Ghana.  Kenkey can taste spicy or sour. 

It is dense and made from fermented white corn. Kenkey takes about 2 hours for both  preparation and cooking.  You can eat it with chicken, fish, stews or salad. Some people add shito,  a sauce made from smoked fish and spices to bring a lot of freshness and flavor.

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Chechebsa originates from Ethiopia and is also known as “Kita FirFir” or “Kita Fitfit.”  It is a flatbread with flavors and sauces in it.  Mostly  seasoned with spicy butter or can be eaten alongside yogurt. Chechebsa can be prepared in 25 to 30 minutes.  It is made from shredded bread called “Kita” with sauce or butter in it.  Chechebsa is easy and fast to prepare, and is best paired with coffee, tea or any warm drink.  Bloggers say that Chechebsa is the perfect representation of an authentic Ethiopian cuisine. They compare it to pancakes because of its soft and buttery taste. 

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5. UJI

A country in East Africa, Kenya is the 31st most populated country in the world.  Uji is also called “Kenyan Fermented Porridge.” It is full of probiotics, and is sometimes a typical authentic breakfast dish in Kenya.

Uji takes 25 to 30 minutes to prepare.  The fermentation of maize can take four days. Made from fermented maize or white corn, Uji is one of the staples on breakfast tables.  It can be served plain, but also with honey or cereals and grains on top. 

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Zimbabwe is known for its unique national parks that house many protected species such as hippos, rhinos, and birdlife.  It is also located in the south region of Africa.  Many of its cuisine includes traditional methods of cooking invented by its indigenous people. It’s highly influenced by Dutch that can be traced to its pre-colonial history.

“Boerewors” means farmer’s sausage.  It is said to be a sausage recipe from France.  Boerewors is distinct in taste because of its unique flavors of meat and spices. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to prepare and cook Boerewors. It is made from meat specifically beef with pork and spices. Boerewors has been described as robust and flavorful, and sometimes best paired with bread.  To enjoy the distinct flavor of Boerewors, many grill it and use spices that can compliment and bring out the natural flavors of the sausage.

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Angola is a country located in the Southern region of Africa. It is famous for its deserts and beaches.  Angola also has a rich historical background because of its colonization by the  Portuguese. This influence can be found in their cuisine.  Angolan food mainly consists of meat or fish stew served with rice or funje.

Funje is a cassava flour porridge, it is sticky and smooth in texture, and made with cassava or cassava flour mixed with water.  You can always find it as one of the staples in every Angola meal.  It takes about 1 hour to prepare and cook Funje.

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